Our voice

The Reliant brand purpose is the foundation of our brand voice.

At Reliant, we power, protect and simplify busy lives for generations to come. 

This brand purpose should resonate in every conversation we have with current and future Reliant customers. Additionally, the tone of the messaging should beapproachable, authentic and current. Think Matthew McConaughey.

BARE necessities

We’ve stripped the Reliant brand voice down to four core principles. Write with these in mind and you’ll be just fine.

  • Benefit focused. Features tell and benefits sell. Write about our products and services in terms of how they enhance the customer’s life.
  • Active. Choose active voice over passive voice, whenever possible. It’s more concise, efficient and powerful.
  • Real. Write naturally, candidly and honestly. Remember, trust takes years to create but only seconds to destroy.
  • Empathetic. Emotion drives consumer choice. Your writing should tap into the reader’s feeling and offer a solution. This helps create a bond between consumers and our brand. Download the Reliant Member Benefits. It’s a helpful example of writing BARE.