The Reliant logo is our most valuable visual asset. It should be used correctly in all forms of media as displayed and described in these guidelines. Please be aware, the Reliant logo usually features the registered trademark symbol (®). However, for the NRG Go brand the “circle R” is replaced with the service mark symbol (SM). The service mark symbol SM is anchored to the Reliant word mark within our brand signature. Like all elements of our logo artwork, this symbol should remain untouched.

ALWAYS use the service mark version of the Reliant logo with the NRG Go brand.

NEVER use the registered trademark symbol (®) version or any other version of the Reliant logo with the NRG Go brand.

Color Palette

NRG Go brand colors should be used correctly, with care and purpose. Reliant’s primary colors: cyan, magenta and yellow are also NRG Go’s primary brand colors. Magenta is the predominant color for all NRG Go marketing and collateral. If an additional color option is needed, violet is the secondary choice.


Effra is the primary font family used for Reliant marketing materials. In print, Effra is used for headlines, body copy, disclaimers and any other text elements, such as photo captions, online and in email. Font licensing: all external agencies must obtain their own license of Effra. Employees and contractors may request Effra to be installed on their computer.

Voice and tone

Simple. Informative. Concise.

Since NRG Go is a fairly unique product/service, copy is an integral part of creating consumer awareness and engagement. NRG Go copy should quickly educate consumers about what our product is/does/offers using language and tone that is simple, informative, and concise. The NRG Go brand uses short, impactful headlines paired with all caps styling to create strong visual hierarchy.

Write how people speak. Remember to be conversational, and stay away from copy that sounds too technical, or robotic. Writing that sounds very human and relatable makes our brand and product more approachable to the consumer.

Photography and iconography

Likable. Authentic. Relevant.

NRG Go photography and iconography should mirror the Reliant brand through both style and substance. Reliant brand photography is likable, authentic and relevant always showing the products in their best light. Icons should be simple, easy to comprehend and match our visual style.

Do’s and Don’ts


Use “NRG Go Portable Power” on first reference, then “NRG Go” on subsequent references. Use “NRG Go Power pack” on first reference, then “power pack” on subsequent references. Refer to the product as the “NRG Go Kiosk”.


Refer to the product as “Reliant Go”. Product should always be referred to as “NRG Go” due to legal/licensing purposes. Refer to the product as the “NRG Go Station”.