Power Your Way

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Launched in January of 2020, Reliant’s Power Your Way is a brand positioning that embodies the unique way in which Reliant affordably meets the personalized needs of our customers. The following is an overview of the Power Your Way brand guidelines.

Detailed guidelines for English and Spanish, artwork files and expanded Hugo guidelines are available upon request.
Please contact Eleana.Johnson@nrg.com.

Voice and tone

Power Your Way thematically extends many of the brand attributes that have long been associated with Reliant. It is a campaign voice that’s easy to write to and simple to understand.

Using the phrase Power Your Way in written copy

The phrase “Power Your Way” was originally used in voiceover only. Now, Power Your Way is gradually being introduced in print advertisement and written form.

Adhere to the following guidelines when using Power Your Way in written copy.

  • Any use of Power Your Way in written customer-facing communications must receive prior Reliant-branding approval before release. e.g. print ads, digital display, emails
  • Power Your Way should be used sparingly. Very few written messages require it. Look first to capture the spirit of the brand positioning and use the phrase itself only if necessary.
  • “That’s Power Your Way”may prove effective as a sign-off at the end of copy, much like it is used in voiceover. But do not use Power Your Way to accessorize your message. Only use it with purpose and be prepared to justify your choice.
  • Power Your Way: always title case / each word capitalized
  • In customer-facing communications, the phrase cannot be modified, e.g. Power Their Way
  • Do not use ellipses in printed form e.g. That’s Power … Your Way

Color and type

Power Your Way is brought to life through the typography and colors used in the Pick Your Free mass advertising campaign.

Leveraging the Effra font, a series of typographical lockups have been created for the Pick Your Free campaign and its associated electricity plans.

Placement of type elements within these lockups is intentionally modular. Any manipulation of the lockups requires Reliant branding approval.

Color of these lockups must not be altered. Specific colors, which can be found here, are used exclusively for Pick Your Free, Truly Free Weekends, Truly Free Nights and Truly Free 7 Days.

Also, please note that there is no graphical interpretation or type lockup of “Power Your Way” itself. Power Your Way only exists as a positioning theme, as a phrase spoken in broadcast and as words used on limited branding-approved occasions in written copy.


Power Your Way communications continue to utilize Reliant’s brand enthusiast, Hugo. Whether alone or interacting with talent, Hugo is always helpful, encouraging, hard-working, ready for anything, problem-solving, humble, honest and full of positive energy.

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