Writing and designing for social

Social media plays a big role in the Reliant brand. It’s a way for us to empower our customers to share their stories while sharing our mission with them. Keep these tips in mind to create a scroll-stopping post or ad.

  1. Social media is a conversation, so make it one people want to join.
  2. Imagery and copy should be warm, friendly and authentic. After all, this is Texas, ya’ll, so don’t be afraid to go big.
  3. Make choices consistent with our brand voice and look.
  4. Let the photo start the conversation and the copy continue it.
  5. Choose photos with faces (people or animals). They’re more relatable and engaging.
  6. Rich media assets do better than static images, so use them when it makes sense.
  7. Shorter copy is better, but storytelling and humanizing content matter most.
  8. Assume the audience has no context; each post should stand on its own.

Let’s talk about specs, baby

Seasons change, offers change and so do social media specs. To ensure creative assets are in line with ever-evolving social media requirements, be sure to get them straight from the horse’s mouth. Use the links below to access the design, copy and technical requirements of each social media network.

Facebook page post examples

  • 40-character Facebook posts receive 86% more engagement
  • 80-character Facebook posts receive 66% more engagement
  • The average brand posts to Facebook 1.5 times a day
  • Mondays and Thursdays drive the most engagement

Check out Facebook page post specs.

Facebook ad examples

Important: Ads that run on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network are subject to a review process that looks at the amount of image text (text over a photo) used in your ad. Based on this review, ads with higher amounts of image text will be shown to fewer people. Learn more here and even test your ad’s amount of image text.

Check out Facebook ad specs.

Instagram post examples

  • Mondays and Thursdays tend to drive the most engagement
  • Instagram Stories: display our brand name up front, add music

Check out Instagram post specs.

Twitter post examples

  • Interact with your audience: ask questions or run polls
  • Use visuals for higher engagement
  • Incorporate relevant hashtags to join trending conversations

Check out Twitter post specs.

Snapchat geofilter examples

Check out Snapchat Geofilter guidelines.


YouTube examples

Check out YouTube guidelines.