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Pixel power

Reliant.com is our company’s most powerful marketing communications vehicle. It’s a one-stop destination where people learn about Reliant, sign up for services and pay their bills.

Our website is the center of a universe where branding meets commerce, and should be respected as such. That’s why the Reliant approach to web design and development is methodical, detail-driven and focused on consistency.

Reliant.com also changes frequently. Along with day-to-day modifications, the look and feel that thousands of customers experience today at Reliant.com may be radically refreshed soon. Such is the way of the web.

Within this guide you’ll find a helpful overview of today’s reliant.com, as well as functional specifics related to navigational structure, page elements, graphics, images, promos and accompanying landing pages.

To avoid creating SEO-unfriendly pages, review the SEO checklist created by the digital team.

So let’s get crackin’. Because as we all know, a website is never finished.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]