Working on a project with a vendor?

For Reliant to maintain its brand integrity and continue to build awareness, it’s essential our messaging, visuals and logo usage align with our brand standards. Consistency helps our brand feel dependable and develops trust and loyalty among our customers.

To help support this effort, all customer-facing materials must be reviewed by a manager on the Creative Services team.

How to request brand review via Workfront

  1. Ensure you have Workfront access. Email traffic@nrg.com for assistance.
  2.  Visit https://integratednrg.my.workfront.com.
  3.  Click “Requests” in the top nav.
  4. Select “New Request”, followed by “Reliant Request” and “Project Request” from the drop-down menus.
  5. Scroll midway down the page to “Requested deliverables” and  check “Brand Review”.